CKNW News Talk AM 980 Vancouver,B.C.,Canada The West will let the Russian empire do as they do!</p Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, says there will be no western military intervention, but we will have some kind of sanctions against the Russian empire? So we have come full circle, with this whole “Progressive” war on Laissez-Faire liberal social progress? “Progressives’ root cause issue, at odds with Laissez-Faire liberal social progress, was monopolistic power concentration, conspiracy, due to Laissez-Faire liberal’s social progress, being to “Laissez-Faire”, meaning loosely, live and let live, leave us alone, us entrepreneurs! So the “Progressives” were the nights in shining armour, come to rescue Liberal social progress from the anarchistic Laissez-Faire Liberals’ letting the crooks and powerful, concentrate their power, in their already monopolistic hands! So now we come full circle, to the place the Laissez-Faire liberal social progress teachings, warned of, again, after the alleged fall of the discredited State central planner’s communism! So we are just going to let the…

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