UK correspondence with Palestine Arab Delegation and Zionist Organization/British policy in Palestine: “Churchill White Paper” – UK documentation Cmd. 1700/Non-UN document (excerpts) (1 July 1922)

UK correspondence with Palestine Arab Delegation and Zionist Organization/British policy in Palestine: "Churchill White Paper" – UK documentation Cmd. 1700/Non-UN document (excerpts) (1 July 1922).

This spot is a PalestineArab spot, including some of the actual international historical documents! Notice the title is not Palestinian Arab! It is Palestine Arab! The title is due to the original PalestineArab identity! I use the text conserving single word style, to spell it PalestineArab! This PalestineArab spelling, uses the component words, Palestine Arab with caps, while joined as one identity term, PalestineArab! This conserves mental space, as well as keyboard space, for solid PalestineArab identity branding! Palestine Arab is the norm for classic old style usage! PalestineArab, reflects the kinship of the terms Palestine and Philistine! Philistine kinship or Philistine roots of PalestineArabs, is part of the general PalestineArab character, in 20th and 21st century PalestineArabs! Philistine folks of Philistia, the Philistine country, were the heirs of Greek island culture and social kinship! Philistine pottery and Philistine language, shows Greek ethnic roots, settled in Canaanite country! Philistine folks included Philistine men, like the Philistine giant, Goliath, the Philistine rival, against the JudaeanHebrew, David, the fighter for his King Saul, in the JudaeanHebrew scriptures, called the Christian Old Testament! The young fighter, David, served King Saul, for the JudaeanHebrew Kingdom of Israel! The Philistine cultural world, was gradually assimilated to the victorious JudaeanHebrew national ethnic culture and social life! 20th and 21st century PalestineArabs are now documented to be similar DNA kin to the greater SyrianArab cross-section of DNA with the PeninsularArabs, occupied by the House of Saud! PalestineArabs have been shown to have some kinship with JudaeanHebrew DNA! This is similar to LebaneseArab kinship with Lebanese Indigenous native pre Arab Empire DNA! This pattern shows itself, in the outer phenotype of the SudanArab darker kinship with SudanNubian native Nile pre Arab empire ethnic original DNA! This pattern follows the same succession of Arab Empire settlers, mixing with local first nation, indigenous, pre Arab Empire Africans, all the Way to the West Sudanic, MauritanianArab League Republic! So now, PalestineArab ethnic national identity, is a mix of both PalestinePhilistine roots, mixed with JudaeanHebrew rooted kin, with the Arab Empire settlers DNA! PalestineArabs can actually constitute a friendly culture and social framework, as an alternative to the JudaeanHebrew State of Israel! PalestineArab CivilSocial frameworks, can form JudaeanHebrew friendly alternatives for JudaeanHebrew capital investing, in Israeli administered Judaea-Samaria and PhilistineGaza! PalestineArabs must develop a kind of Laissez faire liberal social economy first, before even thinking about state politics! PalestineArabs could be the real life exemplars of a totally libertarian social framework! Meanwhile, the JudaeanHebrew revival, is an actual revival of the land of Israel’s Canaanite language! Canaanite language includes the pre Arab Empire, Punic-Phoenician-Lebanese language and culture! AramaicAssyrian-AramaeanSyriac is together with Canaanite(JudaeanHebrew and LebanesePhoenician), the North West Central Semitic branch of Common ancestral Semitic! Arabic, is south west central Semitic! Arabic, includes all the local dialects of Arabic, like PalestineArabic, SudanArabic, GulfArabic and LebaneseArabic! Arabic is about 50% mutually intelligible with Canaanite! Hebrew is about 90% mutually intelligible with Canaanite! Canaanite and Aramaic are at least 3/4 – 90% mutually intelligible with each other! The graduated village to village chain of dialects of languages, evolving into mutually unintelligible dialects, is the standard, that Arabic dialects follow, inside Arabic country! That gradual dialect diffusion goes for the AramaicAssyrian-AramaeanSyriac to Canaanite(JudaeanHebrew)country also! In sum, PalestineArabs are often called cousins of JudaeanHebrew(JewishIsraelis)! So PalestineArabs are actual kin to JudaeanHebrew-JudaeaoIsraelis! But there is enough ethnic distinction, to let PalestineArab CivilSocial life and SocialEconomy develop as a complimentary, neighborly, friendly partner and competitor for investment, including Jewish investment! So PalestineArab social economic development, could actually become on par with Israeli standards of social economic living!

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    PalestineArabs and JudaeanHebrews, can live in social harmony, one step at a time! This lays out some of the political documents, of the founding of the Zion,Israel revival of the JudaeanHebrew nation! PalestineArab empire colonists, are natural competitors and potential cooperators with Zion,Israeli JudaeanHebrew liberty and social economy!


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