SOCIAL CENTRING, is social dynamics & social progress

Social centring is social action, not a static, done deed, but a living breathing social process!  Social statics, is not social living breathing, social dynamics, but frozen carved in stone, engraved images of social ideas!  Do our insider’s intellectual elites, even realize the social framework, I just laid out?Or, are our social intelligence, elite insiders’ cartels, just a totality of self imposed isolated, Berlin ghetto walled, prison estates?  Are we the people, supposed to just suck it up like a whore, or worse, a slave? So we are now  supposed to be polite, as we rationalize our ghettoizing, class hatred? We are cool with hatin on, violating and victimizing whole classes or bodies of our social worlds? Social centring, explores our social dynamics, as compared and contrasted with static images of social states, we  engrave in our state’s self images!   State-ism, is a term that means our static images of isolated…

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