Darfur SocialIndividual Rights!

     Darfur social individual rights asks, did we learn from Darfur SudanAfrican social individuals’ struggle, to conserve SudanAfrican individual rights? Have we learned from SudanArabist state destruction,of SudanAfricans’ ethnic national, civil social rights? I think we need to connect the dots, from the Arab Empire’s succession of invading, conquering, colonizing & racist enslavers’ occupation, of Africa! Do  any alleged experts connect Darfur,2014, to 911,NewYork,NY,USA? The Arab empire’s conquests, are not the product of one official, single politically unified state! The Arab empire, small e, empire, must not get marginalized from our conscious attention, because of our bad habits of looking at any  social environs, through the spectacles of State framed social settings! Let us get our heads free of the artificial limits, inside the boxed in mind set, of the state framed social environs!  When we get our heads, out of the engraved illusions of State defined social environs, we will be free to see the real anti social world of the Arab empire racism, that makes war not love, slavery not freedom, in the Arabist empire’s occupation over Africa! That connects the dots from Darfur to 911,as both are parts of a wholesale Arabist empire war on civil social, individual rights!

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