common Hindu and Judaean principles

Do illusions have some practical kinship with false images? I cannot off the top of my head, tell their fine pointed, distinguishing properties! I do think my following explanation will tie them together, due to their vital importance in the core practices of Judaism and Hinduism!  The two ideas would be so obvious if translating each else’s ideas and practices into the two opposite languages, from each else’s original! An individual’s sense of the world inside as well as outside the person’s body are now seen by psychology to be quite easily influenced by all kinds of illusions! The popular works of magicians are called illusionism done by illusionist magicians! Illusionist practice, specializes in the practices of fooling our senses! The term optical illusion, comes to my mind, with quite a firm idea of science class or science station acts, that show the ease by which a science of illusionist practices…

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