Laissez Faire liberal social progress,is a cumulative dynamic choosing process!

ImageThe social progress of our last few hundreds of years, is a great social studies lesson! Did you ever stop to think of our great social progress, over just your own lifetime, so far? The Vienna, Austria, Law school, economics and social science teachings, are called the Subjective value principle, or the Austrian Subjective value system! This subjective evaluating of all the public market players, by all the public market players of all else, is a social dynamic process! All, have the rights to say no, to all else, at all times, in the public market, social dynamics process! This common person’s rights to say no, is at the very root  of the public market social choices, we accumulate in our progressing, social worlds, we call our public market social environs! The right to say no, is hand in hand with our right to say yes! Is there anyway else, you can say yes, to one merchant/trader, while not having your rights to say no, to anybody else? This social choice principle, is the fundamental principle, that helps us avoid indiscriminate confusing of wage paying work VS slave labour! Slave labour cannot be mixed up with free labour,regardless of wage rates! Choice is, in it’s totality, completely absent from slavery! A workers’ market, is produced by a great social demand,growth of work, looking for workers, compared to a great social demand by a body of workers seeking work! Great social demand for workers by a great social growth of the numbers of employers, leads to a great social balancing of workers demand for higher wages, with the growth of  employers demand for workers! So a progressive wage growth gets set in motion! This social dynamic progressive wage growth, is due to our equal rights to say no, in our public market individual social choices! The cumulative choices of all public market players, compounds into a progressing social growth of wages, reducing of prices and improving of our great social quality of life! This harmonizing of our inner, subjective individual social world, intersects with our outer objective world, of our public market social environs! Our social environs are built on individual social choice, cumulatively coordinated into our public market social progress!


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