SocialLifeChoice, social worlds of SocialIndividuals

Workers' markets are workers' choice, social worlds

Our social environs, is a free person’s public market, individual social choice world! Adult. living breathing individual social players, are free from forced labour! Individual social consent is the root principle of our public market social environs! It does not apply to anybody more or less than anybody else, in our public market social process! We do need to address the social principles of our defining, defending & divesting, in our 3- D, human ecology social environs! We ask, ourselves if we can really trust the social spirit of the USA founders and framers, because many were slaveholders! But are we actually just as tolerant to our own new kinds of slavery? In fact, do we contradict our claims, when complaining about our old framers and founders, having slaves? The 1970s-2000s choice debates are a contradiction in their totality! The right wingers say they are for individual rights to choose…

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