Do 21st cent.”Progressives” hate social progress?

Can vicious hate filled envy, be the way to express claims, to be for social progress? Or do “Progressives”, just plain hate social progress? If “Progressives” try to debate anyone else, it quickly devolves, into “Progressives”, showing their utterly disinterested attitude, to the actual progress of social science! Progressive brand social justice, claim all else, are selfish or hateful! Progressive brand social elites, premise all their alleged social justice, activism, on their claims, that all else, are spiteful, at the idea of helping hands for the disadvantaged! Progressives branding of their political commercial images, depend on their claims that all else, do not care about anyone else, fallen down on hard luck! Is political economy, an actual social science, not just a tool of special interests, as claimed by Progressive brand politics? Then is it vital or not, to get some social science ideas, to critique the whole political menu, so we can fare well, due to our choices, rather than fare badly according to our bigotry? I am recommending social science, for real social progress! I prefer to bid fare well, from fearful frameworks of hate mongering mindsets, to fare better, forward for first rate frameworks of social progress! Progressives can keep talking and acting as if they hate social progress, but I will not cave to Progressive bigotry against social progress!


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