Social centring is a dynamic individual social process

Social centring is not a static done deal! Social centring is a dynamic progressing individual social process, that demands our individual social best! The working world’s demands are infinite! Human needs are infinite! So jobs creating folks, must be let loose, let free to do their work, to build infinite wealth! This letting loose, of job creating, wealth forming activities, is called laissez faire liberal social progress! Laissez faire liberal  social progress, is rooted in social centring of all social contributors, in our great social enterprise, we call ,variously, social life, society, human society, social living, or social progress!  All the above, are brought to life, buy way of social individuals’ choices!  All the above, are simply social individuals’ life choices!  All this means, is our social choices, are not separate from our social individual choices, in our great social worlds, that make up our great social individuals’ universe! It is all rooted in consent of all adult individual social constituents!  We are electors, of our public market social leaders, movers and shakers! Our great social progress, depends on our individual private liberty, to choose our own ways, to offer our unique monopoly of our individual social insider intell., from within our own minds! These great social dynamics, are not possible in slave rooted social worlds or slave based social frameworks! The slave based social frameworks are disproportionately suffocating of new progressing individual social development ideas! Social development ideas, come from those social individuals’, abilities, SKILLS AND TALENTS! Our human nature, includes our inborn ways we act, on our pains, pleasures and their most vital signs! Our easing of our minds, taking our deep sighs of relaxation, getting our second wind, these are our personal signs of our inside intell.! That  personal intell., tells us, to learn to practice incorporating the actions, leading to producing the great social environs, we need for our sighs of relaxation! This is our great social cross-section of our individual social centring! That individual social dynamic, is the creating of our social environs, with social centring individuals all around us, in the great social worlds, making up our great social universe, all around us! That is the great social environs, we are required by our individual social natures, to conserve! That is social centring, of our Laissez Faire, letting our individual social natures do our jobs! That Laissez Faire social progress, is our letting all social individuals do their own deeds, in our great social dynamic processing of our public market election process! That social process, is a progressive ,cumulative formation of a commons fare,a framework for further frameworks, that help us all fare well, as social individuals! Private property is the essence of the fruits of our pursuits! Private property is our fruits of our free persons’ liberty from slavery, rape, and all else, rooted in non-consent! Private property is the great social framework! Private property in consensual Lassez Faire liberal social exchanges, is our exchangeable capital! We all use capital,as our common means of exchanging our private valuables and social services, we trade with all else! This is our individual social consent rooted framework! This is our social individual, common denominator of our social consent rooted framework! The seed of YIN, is in the great social body of YANG! That is reflected in the seed of it’s complimentary second half! The seed of YANG, is in YIN, the mirror, reflection of YANG! THIS is THE SOCIAL INDIVIDUAL, TAI CHI DIAGRAM, REFLECTING OUR INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL TAI CHI DIAGRAM! THE YIN AND YANG ARE LIKE THE INDIVIDUAL SEEDS OF SOCIAL CIRCLES! THE YIN AND YANG, SOCIAL CIRCLES, TAI CHI DIAGRAM, CONTAIN THE SEEDS OF THEIR APPARENT OPPOSITE! SO THE SOCIAL INDIVIDUAL SEEDs, are IN THE INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL PROGRESS! INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL CENTRING, IS A DYNAMIC, PROGRESSING, LIVING, BREATHING, INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL EXCHANGE! Social centring, is Laissez Faire liberal public market, democratic choice, by the Tao, the way of individual social progress!


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