Koch Bros. Fund Anti-Choice and Anti-Gay Efforts/ Hating Koch Bros. is simple ill-liberal,anti-social, halucinaddict anti libertarian practice!


Koch Bros. Fund Anti-Choice and Anti-Gay Efforts.

//////// NO Koch BROS. ARE LAISSEZ FAIRELIBERAL, INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL PROGRESS,CONSERVATORS! IT IS SIMPLE! Anti-libertarians preach, about the alleged anti social practices of libertarians! For example, militant, radical progressive brand, ill-liberals, claim the reason libertarians oppose state intervention, into wages and benefits, regulating policy, is because libertarians want to protect the rich and wealthy, from the working class! Progressives think rich and wealthy folks, oppose letting working class folks, get a fair standard of living, minimum wages and quality of life! That Progressive premise, is rooted in Progressives not paying their own minimum wage to their own selves by learning truth before waging unjust class war! The old mercantilist fallacies of static piles of gold, we must fight for or go to war over! So class war of the Progressives’ mindset, is rooted in this old mercantilist mental framework! The Mercantilist mindset, is…

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