Do Progressives hate progressive wage raising, social science, cause of progressive addictive capital forming habits?

Do Progressive brand preachers, violate Progressive preaching,, because Progressive preachers  are addictive capital, habit forming, progressive disease agents, addicted to their own drug? The Addictive capital term,is used by economist Gary Becker, to describe the counterproductive habits that people form, when we practice self destructive life styles and practice well, doing that sort of living, ultimately for the feeding of the habit itself! Take the example of psychological terms, such as obsessive compulsive habits, people throw around like economic terms like serfdom, or political terms like extreme! Well, is there some way, wages value, fall below “Progressives” alleged minimum standard? Do the militant, moderate, alleged common sense “Progressives”, ever feel the need to explain the reason somebody’s wages fall below the “Progressive” standards? So every body else’s wages somehow are raised except the wages at the bottom of the wage scale? Is there a reason for the “Progressive” claims of their cost of living?…

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