OK Pres Obama is not a fire breathing…


OK,Pres.Obama is not a fire breathing north Korean Stalinist, Saddam Hussein loving ArabEmpire Nazi, or a LatinAmerican revolutionary militant! Pres. Obama,. is not an alternative husband, for Bernadine Dorhn’,the wife of SDS/Weatherman! That is assuming Michele had not been on the spot, to block Bernadine Dorhn’s hot seductive, militant radical ways! So his economics speech is this: I do think capitalist free enterprise is the best system, BUT…! THAT IS THE STANDARD MILITANT RADICAL PROGRESSIVE LINE FOR THEIR 2014 PUBLIC! So can Pres. Obama even hold a conversation with little old broken down, lowly ME, WITHOUT MY FINISHED COLLEGE DEGREE? PROFESSOR OBAMA SIR, could you explain to me the meaning of the Chicago School of Economics, ideas on wealth creation, as the common building blocks of old democrat liberals like Kennedy and Johnson?

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