“Progressive” brand political mercantilism is stupifaction and narcosis, drunk on power


“Progressive” brand political mercantilism, claimed they were intervening in the LaissezFaire liberal social economy, to prevent monopolistic concentrating of big corporate special interests! Insiders’ cartel monopoly, is the actual picture, any honest social objectivity, would uncover! That is the nature of “Progressive” policy impacts! Does that inhibit “Progressives” monopolistic, drunk on power tripping stupefaction? Nope, the Narcosis, of free radicals, attacking the social learning processes of militant  “Progressive” brand teachers are like a progressive disease on the social body politic! The simple example of “Progressive” brand narcosis, is their radical stupefaction, regarding “Progressive” brand war, on JFK-LBJ’s Great Social liberal progress! “Progressive” brand politics can not debate their “Progressive” brand war on JFK-LBJ’s reducing taxes, on all brackets, causing the raising of tax revenues,, by progressive job growing, causing progressive wage growing of the tax base, of all! 

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