Social objectivity is totally outside the narcosis of “Progressive” radical militants

Trying to talk with radical militant Progressives reminds me of a  my family doctor telling me to not waste time talking to drunks while they are drunk! His, was a small business, with at least a dozen dependents to take care of, both direct family and next of kin! He warned me of my personal social environs, saying I should avoid getting sucked into trying to talk rationally with drunks, while they are not sober! This is my current state of trying to have reasoned discourse, with radical militant activist Progressive schooled individuals, drunk on hatin’ on individualist social progress!

One post said the author could not understand my not buying into the militant radical Progressive brand school’s images! Evidently social objectives are not supposed to be reasoned through, to find the best social means by social objectivity, to get to the social objectives! So the crass ideas of anti social ,anti…

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