William F. Buckley & True Conservatives Against the War on Some Drugs

Cannabis TV Vlog

pax2.jpgHeadline: Feb.27th, 2008: William F Buckley Jr Is Dead at 82– The passing of Bill Buckley brought to mind my upbringing in a conservative tribe, sure of libertarian principles as solid as the ground beneath my feet. “Firing Line”, the 1970’s PBS show that Mr. Buckley hosted, was more entertaining than any game show, as I tried to understand the nuances of the Master’s obscure words. Those were the days when the word “Conservative” meant something – a firm adherence to the Constitutional principles of individual liberty that made America a shining light – not an excuse for zealots, warmongers and misguided Neo-Puritans.

abe1.jpgLater, as an activist working in drug policy reform, I came again to listen to Buckley’s reasoned arguments against our modern prohibition (War on Drugs) in the National Review, the conservative magazine Mr. Buckley founded.  An uncontrolled black market; subversion of the Constitution; lack of respect for the law; an out of control bureaucracy…

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